MADEIRAWhat a wonderful island

The island attraction of Madeira really does offer something for all ages, with relaxing beachfront resorts suiting both families and seniors alike. Tourists holidaying on the island often find themselves drawn to¬†Madeira’s beaches, bathing complexes, golf courses, botanical gardens, marina and yachting attractions, while others prefer the cliff-top hiking trails and wondrous coastal scenery, with arguably the very best panoramic views being available on the westerly shore.

As the capital city, Funchal is where much of the action is centred on Madeira, although all around the island, many further tourist attractions present themselves in the form of charismatic towns and fishing villages, such as Camara de Lobos, Curral das Freiras and Porto Moniz. You can certainly be assured of a very scenic journey as you travel to your chosen destination.